Our contribution to protecting the environment|

Here are the measures we have undertaken to protect the environement :

- We have installed water reducers in all our rooms to reduce water consumption.

- We replace each lightbulb with low energy lightbulbs and 90% of our lighting has already been replaced.

- We collect packaging, boxes, glass and batteries for recycling.

- We only wash sheets and towels on the customer's request. 

- We use concentrated cleaning products for diluting to clean the hotel.

- We serve home-made jams at breakfast, which do not require wrapping.

- Our grassy areas and plants are not treated with pesticide and are watered sparingly at night using rain water that we have collected.

- We have injected rockwool in the roofing and floorboards of the hotel. 

- Our staff have been trained to recycle correctly. 

Le Relais de Launay