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Departing from the hotel, you can discover Paimpol, Bréhat island, the Goelo coastline and the Pink Granite coastline !

The hotel is located right next to the GR34 hiking trails and you can take a stroll along the marked coastal paths which will reveal the Côte d'Armor's rich natural and historic heritge.

Visit Lannion, Perros Guirec, Ploumanach, Tréguer, Plougrescant, Paimpol, Arcouest.  Take a boat trip to Bréhat island and discover the charm of this multifaceted region.



hotel le relais de launay -

Coastal paths or GR34

The customs coastal paths were created in 1791 in the fight against smuggling.  There are numerous shelters, guards and barracks which still show ...

hotel le relais de launay - ploumanach

Tides and shellfish gathering

During high tides, the sea goes out more than 7km and reveals some amazing creatures : mussels, crabs, winkles...  Twice a day, thanks to this ...

hotel le relais de launay - treguier

Visit Treguier and surroundings

Tréguier, a small city of character in the Côtes d'Armor, 18km from the Hotel Le Relais de Launay, where you can stroll along the ...

hotel le relais de launay - ploumanach

Pink Granite Coastline - Perros Guirec - Ploumanac'h

Perros-Guirec, located in the heart of the Côte de Granit Rose, twenty five miles from the Relais De Launay.  Perros-Guirec is an outstandingly ...

hotel le relais de launay - erquy

St Malo on the Emerald coastline

For early risers, 87 miles from the Relais de Launay lies Saint-Malo, the legendary corsair city, or home port of the corsairs,Breton privateers and ...

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HOTEL PAIMPOL : LE RELAIS DE LAUNAY - HOTEL, RESTAURANT et CREPERIE Ploubazlanec - GR 34 - 18 rue de l'Arcouest 22620 Ploubazlanec (près de Paimpol)
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